Hi, my name is Alex Chaplinsky and I’m a traveller, filmmaker and youtuber.

I was born and spent most of my life in Kiev (Ukraine). I was 25 years old when I went abroad for the first time. And my first country was Thailand. After this trip my life has changed completely.

Next 7 years I was constantly travelling and I've only spent a couple of month back home. During this time I'd been living in Thailand for about 2 years and now for around 3 years I am more or less permanently based in Krakow (Poland).

During these travels I became a real fan of videography because I wanted to share my experiences and impressions with others and of course save some special memories for myself. That's how I started my Travel Vlog where I try to show vibes of the cities I visit to the viewers.

Aside from that I also create a lot of tutorials on shooting videos and editing in russian. You can find a lot of free lessons on my YouTube channel as well as fully fledged online editing courses.

And also a create a lot of videos about motivation, self development and world around us. YouTube is a great platform for creativity and communication with people on different actual, social and interesting topics.

Alex Chaplinsky